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About Us


Lowest Trip global Travels and Tours Limited remain one of the world leading company in the industry with expertise, commitment, efficiency, and professionalism. Our scope and knowledge enable us to maintain a strong cultural superiority and team work which has been an important factor of the Company’s growth over these past years.

Our services to our customers is second to none. Our goal is to build a culture of excellence in collaboration with like-minded institutions around the world through our commitment to add new dimension to Travels and Tours industries.

When planning a trip there is so much to see, so many places to visit and history to be rediscovered, usually with limited time to do so, Lowest trip make your trip easy, our tours package within Nigeria and Abroad is unique. We allow you to explore the sights according to your specifications at a personalized pace, in what we call a custom-made or tailor-made personalized package. We can design a trip especially for you, our sightseeing is comprehensive and includes some seldom-seen treasures.

Lowest Trips Travels and Tours is incorporated under the Company and Allied Matter Act (RC: 1281888). Lowest Trips Travels and Tours is a member of NANTA. If you need further information, feel free to contact us for a cheap and customize services. Our goal is to give you everything you expect from a superior travel tour operator company.

We Believe in Being Different: We seek new ideas, different ways of thinking, diverse backgrounds and approaches, because averages can lie and sameness is dangerous. Because of this belief, our norms aren’t rules or universal at all corners of our company. But they are important to our identity and how we work together. Like our company, these norms will evolve.